Digital skills and jobs platform

In today’s world, digital transformation impacts the way we live, work and learn. This technological progress brings about undeniable benefits, but it is also increasingly more difficult to keep up with the latest tech solutions. Consequently, our skills and knowledge become outdated at a faster pace, creating a growing gap between our capacities and the market needs.

The Digital Skills and Jobs Platform is addressing this problem. It helps Europeans to advance their digital skills and knowledge, to further their careers and to add value to their organisations.

The Platform provides open access to a wide variety of high-quality information and resources to everyone interested in the broad topic of digital skills and jobs. Its smart search and filtering functions help you easily find what you need and connect with whom you need. With relevant, up-to-date content and dynamic, collaborative spaces, the platform caters to the needs of all users independently of their level of expertise. It also enables the Digital Skills and Jobs Community to grow and thrive together.

For more information please visit the project website.