Edu4AI project

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the technologies that will significantly change our society, economy and labour market over the next few decades. Some of the best-known examples of AI application areas are autonomous driving, chatbots, voice assistants, internet search engines. As part of the project, a user-friendly environment will be provided to enable students to learn more about AI services and applications.

Early training in artificial intelligence goes beyond computational thinking and examines how computers perceive, think, act, learn and make decisions. Although early education in AI appears to be a necessity, there is no set of rules for the use of artificial intelligence in schools. Various technical solutions and initiatives for personalised and creative learning have been announced with promising results, the ways however that educational institutions are using these tools strongly varies and is entirely up to them.

The Edu4AI project brings together AI applications and artefacts through a methodology based on the trend of the maker movement. The project will follow the principles of iterative design carrying pilot studies with teachers and students from Germany, Greece, Spain and Italy and using the feedback obtained from the participating schools to refine and improve the AI open educational resources (OER). During the course of the project, OERs will be developed targeting both teachers and students and will be shared online through a web based platform.

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