A two pages brochure providing the most important information about the ARIS project.

The ARIS brochure is available in EN, FR, IT, ES, GR, LT, NL.

A poster in A3-format providing an overview of the project.

The ARIS poster is available in EN, FR, IT, ES, GR, LT, NL

The report analyses the main evidence drawn from skills intelligence gathering activities and labour market investigation to define learning outcomes that will make up the skeleton for the creation of a comprehensive VET curriculum on Artificial Intelligence, to address the current and future technical and non-technical skill needs of ICT professionals.

This report defines the structure and characteristics of the ARIS VET curriculum on Artificial Intelligence for ICT professionals.

The ARIS VET curriculum, referenced to the 5th EQF level, is organized around 4 learning units, which are further broken down into 24 lessons.

A complete guide for ICT trainers on how to deliver the ARIS curriculum in formal and non-formal settings.

The ARIS VOOC, hosted on OpenLearning platform, acts as a wide access delivery method for the project’s curriculum on Artificial Intelligence. The ARIS VOOC is a flexible, self-guided e-learning scheme that reflects the structure of the ARIS curriculum and comprises versatile training and assessment materials, including presentation files, video lectures, infographics, practical exercises, case studies, and multiple-choice questionnaires.

Join now a growing number of ICT professionals and take part in the online course “Artificial Intelligence skills for ICT Professionals”, delivered by the ARIS partnership.

ARIS training and assessment materials are developed so to respond to skills requirements and demands in the EU workplace.

The guidelines aims to facilitate the introduction and integration of the developed ARIS learning units into existing training courses for ICT Professionals.

Please find all ARIS project lecture videos on project Youtube channel.

ARIS statement of support

A Statement of Support to motivate stakeholders in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) field to a) directly support the recognition of the validity of the ARIS project’s learning outcomes in terms of addressing the skills, knowledge and competences required by ICT professionals to understand, develop and use AI applications, and b) contribute to the advancement of the project’s objectives to reinforce education in digital competences, based on the principles of common interest, reciprocity and complementarity.

The ARIS statement of support has been embraced by 96 stakeholders from the partnership countries and beyond. Support to the project results was stated by representatives of high prestigious organizations and sectoral actors at both the EU and national level, including among others INTRASOFT INTERNATIONAL, the European DIGITAL SME Alliance, the British Computer Society, the Lithuanian Ministry of Social Security & Labor, as well as other leading universities and private actors in the ICT field.

AI skills certificate supplement

A Certificate Supplement template for VET providers to act as an addendum to an official ICT vocational training certificate or transcript. The AI Certificate Supplement, based on Europass template, is meant to be provided to learners who have successfully attended a VET program that integrates the ARIS learning outcomes or part of them. The Supplement describes in details the Artificial Intelligence skills, knowledge and competences acquired by learners upon the completion of the VET program and the work areas to which the program qualifies participants. The attached offering is a template and the supplements to be eventually issued and provided by VET providers need to be adapted to the realms and context of their courses and their national educational system.

Pilot delivery of the ARIS online course​

The ARIS curriculum was pilot delivered online from 4 October to 30 November 2021, with the actual participation of target groups, and overarching purpose to evaluate the educational value of the developed learning materials. In total, 172 students enrolled in the ARIS MOOC, attending learning materials of 120-160 hours duration. Overall, the process recorded positive attitudes and comments on the educational value, comprehensiveness and usefulness of the ARIS curriculum and resources. Participants also provided valuable feedback for improving learning materials and fine-tuning the online course. The attached report summarises the main findings and the evaluation results from the pilot delivery of the ARIS curriculum.

Position paper

The position paper, addressed to entities involved in VET related policy making & standardization proceedings, presents in a summative way the main evidence from skills intelligence gathering activities in the AI field, and provide recommendations on the integration of AI skills requirements into the European e-Competence framework.