Visit ARIS Info-day in Barcelona

During the Info-day of the ARIS project, Karina Gibert, professor at the EIO department and director of the IDEAI-UPC research centre, will give a general review of the dizzying development of Artificial Intelligence from a perspective ethics.

She is to reflect on who are the green lines of what is ethically unacceptable in an AI application. It is also about the risks and benefits to which users are exposed and how we can be critical and responsible consumers of this type of technology.

The speaker defends that the technology is neutral and it will be its uses that will make it acceptable or not, and that it has been collected in considerations of ethical types.

The event will take place on 16th February at 12AM in the Sala d’Actes Manuel Martí Recober (building B6, ground floor). You can also follow the IBF YouTube channel.

For more information, please visit the event website.